RDA Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula

RDA  - Whyalla & Eyre Peninsula


Key Assets

  • Australia's seafood capital - Brand "Eyre Peninsula - Australia's Seafood Frontier”
  • One third SA coastline
  • 37% SA agricultural production
  • Quality mineral resources & steel manufacturing - magnetite, hematite, kaolin, zircon, graphite, gypsum, gold, uranium
  • Multi $Bn oil & gas reserves off shore, BP, Chevron, Murphy Santos


Priority Investment Opportunities

  • $10 Bn plus in mining & processing
  • Oil & Gas $3 Bn investment in exploration over next 12 months
  • Energy production "home of Australia's most diverse range of future energy resources" (R Garnault)
  • Food production, value add agriculture, fishing & aquaculture
  • International Tourism, great white dive, swim with tuna and seals, whale watch, Nullabor


Priority Infrastructure Investment

  • Export infrastructure, ports, roads, rail, air
  • Power transmission & generation
  • Water


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