RDA Adelaide Metro

RDA Adelaide Metro

Priority areas within the Adelaide Metropolitan region:

  • Growing the Economy, including Workforce Development
  • Population Growth and Demographic Change, including Immigration
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Energy and Water Sustainability
  • Housing Affordability
  • Climate Change, Environment and Biodiversity

RDA Adelaide Strategic Approach

RDA Adelaide aims to identify economic development focused priorities for the region that are sourced from evidence-based analysis, available data and a consultation process. The RDA Adelaide Board has established a strategic framework to ensure clarity of purpose and to support the RDA National outcomes. 


The RDA Adelaide Objectives:

 To provide advice to the Federal Government on emerging issues affecting the region;

 To identify gaps in market and/or service delivery between the three levels of Government;

 To act as a conduit between the Federal Government and the local stakeholders.  


RDA Adelaide Guiding Principles:

This year’s Business Plan has been developed with both a broader project partnership strategy and a higher focus on economic development. This plan reviews a variety of information including data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, key Federal, State and Local Government planning reports such as the report Building Stronger Regional Communities Budget Outcomes. Additionally, the plan engaged a multi-discipline consultation process with key stakeholders to identify pivotal issues and short list of projects.


The Business Plan has been developed with the following six guiding principles.

 Strategic and achievable

 Logically based

 Use of the plan is clear

 Evidence based analysis

 Consult with stakeholders

 Approved and endorsed.


Projects have been scoped for action, which will provide benefits in and have the ability to cross RDA regions and support the RDA National outcomes.


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