Regional Development South Australia (RDSA) plays a unique role in supporting the economic development efforts of seven regionally based RDAs and the Adelaide Metropolitan RDA.

For well over 25 years the eight RDAs in South Australia have evolved into key economic development agencies within their specific regions. They are well regarded and sought after as a key source of regional intelligence on matters of economic development, investment and business opportunity.

Under the structure of the peak body Regional Development South Australia, (RDSA) the RDAs come together to collaborate closely on a wide range of cross-regional issues and economic development projects that are fundamental to the future and well-being of South Australia. The ability to collaborate and advocate as a single statewide voice through RDSA puts our RDAs in a unique position, as no other Australian State or Territory operates under this model.

The seven regionally based RDAs are funded under a tri-partite funding partnership between the Australian Government, Government of South Australia and Local Government Association of South Australia on behalf of its members. RDA Adelaide Metro office helps to coordinate some projects across multiple RDAs and is solely funded through the Federal Government.

Snapshot of the RDAs in South Australia  


  • Widely recognised by business, industry and State and Local Government as a major assetCowell_township.jpg 
  • Focused very strongly on collaboration through RDSA, to leverage positive outcomes for South Australia
  • Seven regional RDA Committees, with offices in 11 South Australian regional centres
  • Collectively over 80 staff, 70 Board members and many industry people engaged on various industry focused RDA working groups
  • RDAs chair, or are represented on numerous boards, committees and industry sector groups within each region. This means that each RDA is very close to the pulse of what is going on in their communities and at local, state and federal government levels
  • The RDAs experience a very strong working relationship with ALL 51 local Councils in Regional SA
  • RDAs DNA is to over-deliver. This culture has added value to the RDA brand, which is highly respected across South Australia. 

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